Published May 17th, 2024

Driving Trust and Safety

How a proactive third-party technology evaluation positioned this autonomous vehicle developer favourably in the procurement process of large automotive manufacturers



As autonomous driving technologies are entering our public streets, the necessity for rigorous safety evaluations becomes paramount. This case study outlines how a leading autonomous vehicle (AV) technology developer leveraged AIQURIS’s safety evaluations to not only validate the safety of its technology but also enhance its positioning in the procurement processes of major automotive OEMs.

Preparing for Change

In the rapidly evolving autonomous rideshare and delivery industry, the deployment of driverless vehicles in urban environments introduces complex safety challenges. Autonomous vehicle OEMs are integrating both, in-house developed solutions and externally sourced solutions. Recognizing the critical need for trusted technology, the AV technology developer sought a third-party assessment to verify that their solution meets stringent regulatory- and relevant standards requirements so that the OEM receives necessary assurance and documentation for type approval. A reliable and comprehensive risk assessment fosters mutual trust between the technology provider and the AV OEM.

When Tech Meets Regulatory Assurance

To address these challenges, the AV technology developer engaged AIQURIS to conduct a comprehensive evaluation of their AI solution. This involved:

  • Comprehensive Risk Identification: Through a thorough analysis, potential hazards for the application of AI in a safety critical application were identified. . This included identification of requirements in light of upcoming AI specific regulation and standards.

  • Solution Implementation: Tracing potential risks to the root cause in the AI life cycle helped the developer to deploy required controls.

  • Validation and Verification: A concrete and specific checklist enabled the developer to draw up required documentation and demonstrate effectiveness of its risk mitigation.

  • Continuous Monitoring: Continuous post-market monitoring is essential to maintain compliance and uphold trust. The AI based solution generates required logs and complies with incident reporting requirements. The developer is prepared to manage version updates and react to changing regulatory requirements.

A Valuable Difference

The AIQURIS validation proved instrumental for the AV technology developer, yielding significant outcomes:

  • Enhanced Market Position: The validation not only instilled confidence in the safety of the developer’s technology but also positioned them favourably for engagements with large automotive manufacturers.

  • Operational Success: Within six months of the assessment, the solution developer managed integration with an AV OEM.

  • Expanded Use Cases: While initially applied to human-supervised operations, the comprehensive assessment methodology prepares the developer for potential expansion to non-human supervised AV applications.

The proactive approach in validating and improving AV safety standards has not only fortified the AV Developer’s market position but also contributed to the broader goal of advancing safe and reliable transportation technologies in the AV sector.

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